Future of Nix-Routers.

Remember this is a 1.44Mb floppy disk router, space is limited.

Postby Thasaidon » Sat Mar 18, 2006 3:54 am

I have not tried Suse 9.x

But does it have remote administration(graphical) ?

With Graphical you mean KDE, GNOME, or any other desktop interface?

From what I know, most Linux distro's (including SuSE 9.x and 10) have the means to remotely access the desktop interface through VNC. So yes, remote (graphical) administration is possible.
I have both SuSE 10 and OpenBSD running on other systems, and on both the graphical interface can be accessed through VNC.
With Freesco however, this is not the case (at least not by default).
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Postby G-Man » Sat Mar 18, 2006 11:35 am

To G-man:

I have not tried Suse 9.x

But does it have remote administration(graphical) ?

As distro suse 9.x is a follblown "win workstation", "unix server", "OS/2 OS" in 'one dvd' yes it have win XP style graphical layout avalible, but it serves no use 'unless you gonna edit pictures useing it' the installation i used are text based.
i use the text mode as are easyer to use, as dont get distracted by all the gfx and mouse clicking.
here is a picture how it looks in text mode as example <a href='http://tapsa.terae.net/linux/suse/9.3/kuvat/yast_text_mode_system.png' target='_blank'>http://tapsa.terae.net/linux/suse/9.3/kuva...mode_system.png</a>
(as cant include pictures in posts i link to it...)
As remote setup and similar you use TELNET(SSH) in the same manner as you do with FREESCO (and all other linux)
There are addons that make it possible to edit things thrue a webbrowser, but due to securety its not recomended on critical systems(ok for home like use), suse is targeted to critical systems as its a full distro server/client linux.
but for a nat/router setup you select minimal install, then you select network server in 'init 3 mode' and select install, let it complete, now you basically have it done, some fiddeling with the settings of firewall (if you have servers running) and enable it.

Do I have to chose amongst a million different not relvant things(for router appl.) ?

yes as a full blows server/client, but you will not see it unless you want it, ie do as above and its not a problem

Does it have a feature which easy can store setup out on a removble media ?

Copy dir /ETC basically all settings are in there, suse have a config backup tool that can be used.

And yes maybee you (and maybee also me) can make a image to cdrom...but does it not involve a messing around with other packagede ?

if you wish you can simply copy it to your os/2 box and make the image there, you can do the cd in a million diffrent ways basically even on the suse box with its tools.

The basic idea of Freesco is good !
Self contain...setup/backup
Focused features on network application
Designed for monitorless use.

Yes, its targeted at home use, freesco is relly nice and stable. if freesco do what you need/want then use freesco and dont make it more complicated then it needs to be.
if you need things that freesco can deliver, ask lightning if possible if he say no, then use something else if needed.

if you want topnotch suport for suse you can buy it, as there is no developers giving suport thrue a free forum as it is for freesco, keep that in mind suse is targeted at companys.
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Postby Guest_farmall » Sat Mar 25, 2006 3:35 pm

I do not see a reason for Freesco to expand its base beyond the single-floppy benchmark.
When floppy drives finally go away Freesco can change (maybe to an installable image like MonoWall), but for now it fills a useful niche.
Anyone who needs something bigger and different has MANY choices, so many that reasons for that sort of user to consider Freesco do not exist.
For example, MonoWall is full-featured and very easy to install from Linux or Windows.
If your needs extend beyond that, you are already skilled enough to install and configure a full Linux or BSD on a modern system.
The small benchmark keeps Freesco lean, tight, and efficiently maintainable by the volunteers who offer it.

Postby guy_with_486DX » Sun Apr 02, 2006 12:36 am

well i think he got his question ansewered but i have to ask one of my own....

why do people keep complaining about freesco being limited to a floppy? and do they really expect someone to do anything about it ?

If sum one gave u a house for free, and u didn't like it, would you say no thank you or would you rant on and on and complain about how you didn't like it and demand that they fix it telling then that they obviously dont know what the current trends are for homes?

i like it being floppy based for several reasons:
1) it gave me an excuse to keep my old 486 with 16ram
2) my 486 wouldn't take a cdrom drive with out a lot of work
3) it took me 3months to find a hard drive old enough to work with my 486 box
4) if i screw it up the install i can have it back up and running in the time it takes to put a new floppy in and reboot
5) a floppy drive is one of the least expensive parts in side a computer and floppy disks are cheap
6) on older hard drives <500mb space is preicous and a 1.4mb OS is a god send
7) its pretty cool to have all that on one floppy :cool3:
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Postby G-Man » Sun Apr 02, 2006 1:19 pm

i use P1 instead of 486 the reson is simple, it gives me the needed cpu umph as 486 is a bit slow with the isa cards simply (i have high bitrate connection) also the parts for P1 are free and plentyfull, isa parts are not avil more new and the most parts i had for 486 i have sold as there was a demand for it to fix stuff. i collected P1 and P2 on tradeins, and the P2 i resold as was a demand for it (i never liked the P2 anyway).
i made printservers and file servers with P1 boxes and linux, and freesco of corse!

i also remove all the fans of the freesco boxes as P1's works fine with only a heatsink! if you use the correct one... some dell P2's came with relly nice heatsinks that i cutup and use this creates a utterly silent nat box. the psu fan is enuff for the whole box.

i found a ISA vga card in one of my boxxes i dismantled for parts, this card has a hughe vram! and is the first S3 done, aka from the company that made the cards initially that got bought up... from what owner told me, it was used in a autocad station initially and could render high rez fast on a 386... thats old. still works, and can do relly high rez even in todays setups.
card has some relly funny 1337 text hidden in bios ;)
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