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Postby tom » Sat Jan 29, 2005 11:34 pm

This is screen v3.9.8 packaged for 03x. It's based on Dingetje's original package for 027 (BIG thanks dingetje!).

Quote from Dingetje's original release announcement.
This pretty amazing piece of software allows you to start new terminal sessions in a freesco ssh/telnet/console terminal.
You can then switch back and forth between these sessions using a command key (default ctrl-A A).

The only disadvantage I've seen so far, is that it does not work in combination with ile our little command line history tool.
If you have bash installed you can use that as the shell program of choice in a screen session, bash comes with it's own built in history.

[Linux] screen -h
Use: screen [-opts] [cmd [args]]
or: screen -r [host.tty]

-a            Force all capabilities into each window's termcap.
-A -[r|R]    Adapt all windows to the new display width & height.
-c file      Read configuration file instead of '.screenrc'.
-d (-r)      Detach the elsewhere running screen (and reattach here).
-dmS name    Start as daemon: Screen session in detached mode.
-D (-r)      Detach and logout remote (and reattach here).
-D -RR        Do whatever is needed to get a screen session.
-e xy        Change command characters.
-f            Flow control on, -fn = off, -fa = auto.
-h lines      Set the size of the scrollback history buffer.
-i            Interrupt output sooner when flow control is on.
-l            Login mode on (update /var/run/utmp), -ln = off.
-list        or -ls. Do nothing, just list our SockDir.
-L            Terminal's last character can be safely updated.
-m            ignore $STY variable, do create a new screen session.
-O            Choose optimal output rather than exact vt100 emulation.
-p window    Preselect the named window if it exists.
-q            Quiet startup. Exits with non-zero return code if unsuccessful.
-r            Reattach to a detached screen process.
-R            Reattach if possible, otherwise start a new session.
-s shell      Shell to execute rather than $SHELL.
-S sockname  Name this session .sockname instead of ...
-t title      Set title. (window's name).
-T term      Use term as $TERM for windows, rather than "screen".
-v            Print "Screen version 3.09.08 (FAU) 1-Sep-00".
-wipe        Do nothing, just clean up SockDir.
-x            Attach to a not detached screen. (Multi display mode).
[Linux] screen -v
Screen version 3.09.08 (FAU) 1-Sep-00

Here's a few ways "screen" can be used:

Have you ever wanted to download a really big file to Freesco but you don't want to drag a keyboard and monitor to the closet where Freesco lives and you don't want to use PuTTy/telnet because then you can't close the window without aborting the download and you don't want to "fork" it into the background because then you can't see the status of the download?
Code: Select all
screen -dmS BigDL snarf http://your-big-file

You can then check the status like this (even from a different machine/session):
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screen -r BigDL

Or if you want to share that same exact window on more than one computer/session:
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screen -x BigDL

There's some really neat things that you can do with screen, just play around with the options.

Be warned that if you issue "rc_screen stop", "rc_screen restart" or uninstall the package, all screen sessions (local or remote) will be terminated without warning!

The manpage is in html format and can be found in /pkg/usr/local/screen/man

I hope you enjoy it,

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pkg -i

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Postby Dutchblack » Sat Apr 02, 2005 4:50 pm

From 0.34 going we only have ssh.
Is it possible to install pkg like apache and other packages that restart rc_masq with sceen?

Most of the time the installation of these packages will not finish right.
I know you should not install packages remote but sometimes is very dificult to get in those small closet
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Postby tom » Sat Apr 02, 2005 5:50 pm

Is it possible to install pkg like apache and other packages that restart rc_masq with sceen?

You should be able to. The only thing that you can't do (as far as I know) is "rc_screen restart" or "rc_main restart" or reboot.

PS. Please post in the support section next time ;)

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