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setvt is a group of binaries capable of changing almost all of the characteristics of your console output. You can change the number of rows and columns that are displayed so you are not limited to 80x25 and above what changing the text mode will do from bootup it can work with "ile" as well as split a single console horizontally into two consoles.
Resizing the console does work with the command line history "ile" as long as you are logged into the console with "ile" running before you change the screen resolution. This aplies to BOTH consoles if you use them and if you fail to login to the second console before you change the resolution, then the second console will only use 80x25 for aplications regardless of what you changed the resolution to on console one. So adding the screen size change to any automated script is NOT recommended unless you never use "ile".
These binaries are completely capable of damaging you monitor if you have guessed at the maximum refresh rates and knowing the video card chip is also required. This package requires configuration to your own specific hardware and any guessing on your part would be a mistake and could cause some of the smoke to leak out of your monitor, so be WARNED.
This package can be installed with
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pkg -i
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