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Postby Lightning » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:05 pm

I am releasing the sound-2.0-lightning.pkg package. This package contains the base sound card drivers for a number of sound cards such as:

sb16 - Sound Blaster, SBpro, AWE 32, SB16 or compatible. PnP Sound Blaster
16 sound cards with a vibra 16xv chip do not support the synthesizer.
pas16 - Pro Audio Spectrum 16( does not support the synthesizer ).
cs4232 - Crystal Sound 4232 chip set.
gus - Gravis Ultra sound
gus16 - Gravis Ultra sound 16
mad16 - OAK OTI-601, MAD16, Opti 82c928 or 82c929
mss - Microsoft sound system
pss - Orchid SW32, Cardinal DSP16
sscape - Ensoniq Soundscape

The only sound card that is truly tested are Sound Blaster cards. This sound package differs from the previous 03x sound package in the fact that the voice synthesizer software is no longer supplied in this package. However it does still contain several players and I am planning on releasing the mp3 player and voice synthesizer packages separately.

To find and install this package just update your package listing by using the command

pkg -cf -/

or force a package listing update from within the "setup" program and the sound-2.0-lightning.pkg package should then be listed. However you may still need to search globally for this package until it has been propagated around the other mirrors.

Also be aware that I have not tested this package in any way yet, but it is based on a working 03x package.
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