If you need some help, this should be the first place to look.

Postby dingetje » Thu Apr 21, 2005 5:19 pm

The <a href='' target='_blank'>FREESCO DokuWiki</a> is another (growing) source of information.

Being a Wiki the success of such as system depends on the input of the community as a whole, so if you feel you can contribute to the Wiki, then sign up for an account by contacting me (via e-mail or PM).

Required are:
  • a username (prefered is the same nick you use on the forum here)</li>
  • a valid e-mail address</li>
  • the time and will to put some effort into it, if you're only signing up and never get beyond the wiki playground, then I'd rather have you don't sign up at all.</li>
  • good knowledge of FREESCO or add-on packages, but also newbie input can be valuable, perhaps because the "experts" assume something is so clear (to them) that they skip certain steps that confuse the hell out of people that are not as fluent on the matter.</li>
  • know howto express yourself in English language (if you cannot but have a helluva an article, ask someone on the international fora to translate for you)</li>

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