Is it possible to increase the TTL of the DNS?

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Postby MeneM » Mon Mar 25, 2002 2:16 pm

Why would you want to do that???
The Cache is supposed to expire because DNS servers have a TTL (Time To Live) in their answers....

For instance if you requested my ip address nslookup you wil get an ip and DNSR will cache that... lets say I have a dynamic ip now, next time my machine reboots it might get a new ip and the DNS server needs to be updated, now if you were to keep all cached ip addresses you will never be able to reach my machine through my hostname again...

Okay so much for the explanaition why you shouldn't, now lets see if we can do something about the rest ;o)

For starters, I've heard that DNRD is a bit naugthy to start with and it doesn't expire its cache directly after the TTL of the request, but does so a bit later (I think the designers liked that better ;o)

DNRD is started in Freesco through the file /rc/rc_named, and its started with the parameters:

dnrd -d -l -s (or dnrd -l -s)

-d is for debug (only if LOGDNS is set to Y in setup)
-l means send all messages to syslog
-s is the prefix for the forwarding DNS servers it needs to use.

So no cache parameter is given in Freesco....

you could try to edit /rc/rc_named and add --cache=off

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