Can I use a serial console?

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Postby dingetje » Wed Jan 08, 2003 5:07 am

<font color='#000080'>Q: Can I use a serial console?
So attach a serial terminal (i.e. VT100 or Wyse) to one of my freesco's PC COM ports using a null-modem cable and use that as the console?
Ideal for "headless" freesco's or when the console has to be placed a few dozen metres away from the PC.

A: Yes, you can.
Add the next line to your /rc/rc_user script in the startup section:

Code: Select all
fork daemon - "agetty -L cua0 9600"

Where cua0 is COM1, cua1 is COM2, etc. and 9600 is obviously the baudrate.

See <a href="" target="_blank">agetty</a> man page for details and addtional switches.</font>


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