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partitions for HD install with multiboot

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:48 am
by aurgathor
I got 64 gig msATA card on an a SATA to IDE adapter, and that seems to work just fine when tested under W98SE/W2K/W7, so the next thing is install Freesco on it. The target machine is a 600 MHz SFF Cmpaq PIII with 512 MB of memory.

What kind of partition(s) should I use for Freesco? Because of the 512 MB memory, I think no swap space will be needed. I plan to make the machine to dual boot with either W98SE or W2K, so the Windows partition will probably be just FAT32, or maybe NTFS with W2K. I also want to add ftp to freesco, and use a completely separate partition for ftp, if that's doable.

Re: partitions for HD install with multiboot

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:08 pm
by Lightning
It sounds completely doable. My recommendation would be to FDISK the drive and create the FAT32 partition the size you want and format it as bootable first. I then would get FREESCO running on the floppy and load the EXT2 package. In that package you then can FDISK the remainder of the drive into one EXT2 partition or as many as you want. The ext2 package will install LILO which you can later configure to dual boot FREESCO or the other OS. Regardless ext2 is always the best file system for FREESCO, although it will run and install on the FAT hard drive. Although you then miss out on self repairing and automatic defragmentation you get with ext2.