3rd Party Package Requesting

Postby noparking247 » Fri May 19, 2006 11:47 am

Hey Everyone,
I was directed to an application called <a href='' target='_blank'>TOR</a> the other day. I think it's quite a neat project. I was just wondering what the chances of it compiling on FREESCO would be? I played around with it but as you can tell, I'm still a n00b.
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Postby dingetje » Fri May 19, 2006 5:08 pm

5.15. Why is my Tor server using so much memory?

There are three reasons for this.

The first is that Tor uses threads, so many of the measurements (such as the output of top or ps) are inaccurate: they add up all the library memory used by each thread, so the total "virtual" memory size will be much larger than the actual amount of ram Tor is using. So this isn't actually a problem -- looking at the "resident" memory size instead should be much more accurate (unless you're swapping a lot). (Note that on OpenBSD, NetBSD, and old FreeBSD, Tor uses a separate process for each thread, since threading is broken on these platforms, so in these cases it actually *is* using this much memory!)

The second reason is that Tor servers really do use quite a bit of memory. Each connection that you hold open has a pair of memory buffers that it uses for reading and writing from the network, and when many connections are active at once, these buffers might grow quite large. We used to have them shrink again immediately once they weren't full, but we found that was using too much CPU -- so now they stick around for a short amount of time in case we need to use them again soon after. It is not unusual for a fast exit server to use several hundred megabytes of memory.

The third reason is that we may have some bugs somewhere. They fall into the categories of "things we keep around in memory that are big and we should probably get rid of", and "actual memory leaks". We're working on these, but we'd love some help. We believe the stable releases are pretty good about this.

All in all, this doesn't sound like a good candidate for the (usual) memory challenged FREESCO boxes out there. On top of that, I have the feeling this stuff won't compile out of the box using the 2.0 kernel header files and libraries...

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