GUI to controle ISP DHCP Leases

Remember this is a 1.44Mb floppy disk router, space is limited.

Postby G-Man » Tue Feb 10, 2004 6:03 pm

Was thinking more like:

"DHCP Lease:
View | Renew | Release"

In the http config panel

similar to
" Modem Users
List Add/Change Delete"
That are there now.

And the 'View' showing:
- Current IP# lease.
- when it will expire.
- when lease was given last.

Could be used to view other leases also, like freesco's DHCP clients?

Reson is the following,
if have a lease and need to reboot,
if know that lease ends in 1min, then its a bad time to do reboot as surely might lose it, and issueing a 'renew' is in order or wait 2-3min. That be the manual way...

Or if make Freesco always issue a "renew" on reboots... the simple auto way ;)
Also if doing it auto, or # out the rc_net on shutdown, makes it impossible to change ip# instead that is also bad if getting packeted/virus scanned and need a change.

So a manual control would be good as i see it in several aspects.

Also adding a smal snippet of code that removes it from controlpanel if ISP DHCP is not enabled or similar would clean up webpage alot,
and that go for all the other things on page (but relly not needed as not to mutch there atm).

Im shure this wont be any big thing in the code's, and it would be a nice feature found on most "hardware NATs" that to my point of view is missing in freesco.

No reboot yet ;)
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