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Remember this is a 1.44Mb floppy disk router, space is limited.

Postby deoren » Fri Nov 07, 2003 2:34 pm

It seems there is a large desire to use alternate forms of media to boot from.

Just as a handful I've heard of DOM (solid state hard drive), Flash, cdrom (definately possible) and others.

I managed to get 0.2.7 a year ago onto a cd, where it's running quite happily. No bragging, just stating it's possible.

I had to modify code in several places to get it to work, but it wasn't bad.

After 0.2.7, 0.3.0 code design took a leap in a different direction. The rc script looked totally different, and from a guy who understands little of the *NIX ash shell, I was bewildered to say the least.

My proposal is to design new releases for ease of porting.

Don't make it your #1 goal perhaps, but code Freesco's scripts to allow for alternate media as much as you can.

I for one am interested in seeing media "addons" or "kits" to allow this.

I'm not advanced enough to offer anything reliably other than a writeup for how I did my setup, but some of the members here are more than capable.

Regardless of any "nays", there is a LOT of interest in this subject. Just do a search and you'll find dozens of posts about it.

For the record, I'm asking that future releases keep portability in mind (though it probably already is), so that changing boot media isn't so hard.

Abstraction and modular design could do it.

By the time I got good enough to do it myself, the Official Freesco would have already released so many advances and compaced the code so that I would be completely lost.

Even if no one else is interested, I'm going to give it a shot in the comings months once my schedule pans out.

If anybody is interesting on discussing the finer points of this idea make a posting in the general section and we can all have a go at it.

Just remember, this is for wishlist requests only as Howler has reminded us all many times. :P

Poor Howler ... always busy ...


BTW, please don't anybody take this as a "hit" on Freesco, because it isn't. I really like Freesco and keep coming back to be a part of the community.

Great work guys, just wanted to offer some suggestions for improvement (we can all use that!)
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