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ext2 howto

Postby Marc » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:03 am

If the hard disk has its own IDE connector:
1 Set the jumpers on the hard-disk to master and 2 connect the disk at the end of the flatcable. (Not to the connector in the middle of the flatcable but at the end.)
3 Set the disk to LBA in the BIOS.

Please check that all above 3 conditions are set as failing to do so will result in strange problems later on.

Update the BIOS of your motherboard for the newest BIOS settings and bug-fixes and to recognize the latest range of hard disks but remember freesco up until 0.3.7 supports a maximum of 137 GB. Freesco versions of 0.3.8 and up support a whopping 2TB. Dont forget to check the new settings in the BIOS like 'disable the delay PCI' option.
(Freesco reads the "CylHeadsSect" drive information from the drive itself and does not use the computer-BIOS for that.)

Erasing the partition table (Often done or tried with DOS fdisk /mbr.)
If your partition table is for some reason toast and you just want to wipe it and start over, losing all your data, just write zeroes over the first 512 bytes of the disk: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdc bs=512 count=1
(Where hda is the master disk on ide0, hdb the slave disk on ide0, hdc the master on ide1 and hdd the slave on ide1.)

Erasing entire disk.
However, if you wanted to write zeroes over the entire drive, you would just use: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdc.

Setting cylinders and partitioning.
Set the amount of cylinders, heads and sectors and make, delete and modify partitions with cfdisk. cfdisk /dev/hdc (Can also be done cmdline with fdisk.)

Format the disk in the ext2 format with: mke2fs -L disk2 /dev/hdc1 (Where "disk2" is the volume-label.)

Check disk for errors and repair the errors.
Unmount the drive first with: umount /mnt/bootdev/router/hd2
To automatically repair errors use: e2fsck -p /dev/hdc1

Mount disk in filesystem.
mkdir /mnt/bootdev/router/hd2 (create directory.)
chmod 777 /mnt/bootdev/router/hd2 (set security.)
mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt/bootdev/router/hd2

Check mounted file-systems with:

After a reboot the mount is gone. Do the automatic mounting and unmounting in /rc/rc_user

This is a work in progress, please add your ext2 must-haves.
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