Bye bye Frappr map

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Bye bye Frappr map

Postby dingetje » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:15 pm

Looks like the FREESCO Frappr map is going out of bussiness:

Starting January 1, 2010, Frappr's "Classic" Guest Map will finally go into retirement. What are your options?

Paid Version

For a mere $24.99 we will keep your Classic Guest Map up and running for one full year, through Dec 31, 2010. Simply go to the page of the map you want to save, and click the PayPal button, no PayPal account necessary.

Backup in KML

We just released a map export tool that allows you to export all your friends and photos in a convenient KML file. You will also find the export links on the map's page.

I'm not prepared to pay $24,99 to keep the map up and running and exporting to KML seems pointless.
Oh well, it was nice as long as it lasted.

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Re: Bye bye Frappr map

Postby Zedde » Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:18 am

Can't you import that into google maps ?
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Re: Bye bye Frappr map

Postby Marc » Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:49 am

Please share the kml file. With this open standard file a google map can be made. The kml file can be imported into the mymaps section.

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